Brand identity and unification of two schools

Different but together

When we signed on board this project, the brand strategy was already developed and it was up to us to do the visual application of that strategy. Keywords used here were challenging, proud, individual and specialized vs. ambitious, futuristic, specialized and innovative. Given the thinking material, we got to work. Many ideas and variations later, the arrows were born. They both had the same treatment of typography, but each icon was made to match its special sub brand color, orange for the Public Open University, and blue for the University College.

The final icons represent the letter A (for Algebra) but also for first and excellent. They also symbolize arrows pointing to the top, which is associated with growth and development. The University College icon also represents a career launching and the rotated Public Open University icon represents routing towards specialization.

Futuristic and bold stationary

In order to prove the point of innovation and the brand strength, bold colors and the circles from the logo were used as main motives. The front pages were enhanced with abstract vectors to add a dash of future and that elusive “tech feel”. Both the Public Open University and the University College have matching stationery and business cards, but in their respective colors. The idea was to make them distinctive but still the same.

Defining the rules

To make sure the designs were always adhered, visual identity guidelines were created. Considering how many people go through Algebra every, consistency is key. And everyone knows consistency comes from proper definition! The principles of design were explained while demonstrating the proportions and symmetry. We also defined how the logos are supposed to be used, and which are the acceptable applications. After all that, the primary and secondary color palettes were defined, and as the best things are usually last – the typography. Fonts used for the logo were ARS Marquette PRO, in the bold and light variations. For internal communication, the font Segoe UI is advised, as it comes pre installed with the Windows operating system.

Looking good, all around

With new design, the interior needed to be freshened as well. The created solutions added a new look to the old buildings Algebra is situated in. The signage needed was the whole package, ranging from panels and boards outside the buildings, main directional signs, floor stickers, room labeling. One of the foyer walls was completely covered in a futuristic, motivating graphic. The same design was applied to all of the Algebra locations in many different cities.

Not to be lazy, we made a few posters, banners and roll up visuals to get a complete visual experience!