Digital magazines

Electronic publications that enhance articles with interactivity and animation

Attractively interactive magazines

We have been in the business of digital magazines for a few years now. After receiving the content, our creativity begins to itch. The possibilities, the animations, the beautiful spreads! There are so many ways to create a layout it is hard to choose just one. But on a more serious note, our magazines are interactive, animated and bring attention to the right details of the received content.

The chosen epub format makes the publications easily deliverable because we use Adobe publish online. That means that you can get the link for the magazine as soon as we make it and view it on any device!

Trade media solutions

The client, Trade media solutions commissioned emondo to redesign their existing digital magazine to a newer, better design. The previous editions were done as PDFs for reading in the browser with a plugin. Emondo was first commissioned to redesign only one magazine, but the client liked the finished project so much they wanted all three of their magazines done the same way. That means that we are currently doing the World bakers digital, Frozen food Europe digital and Potato business digital.

Same experience different devices

Best part of our design is that we enabled all of our clients’ clients (which makes them our clients as well? The client of my client is my client? No? Okay.) to have the same viewing experience. To avoid mobile users being hindered by their screen sizes, we create a separate document and adapt it for best viewing possibility. That usually means even more interaction, and even more fun for the end user!

Individuality of the whole

Every publication is made individually, with special custom animations and unique layout, but they all fit in the same grand design scheme. That gives an individual experience, and every magazine is new and exciting. Users never know what novelty will they find and that is half the fun. Digital magazines hold a special place in our emondo world, and in the video below you can see what they look like when they come to life!