Brand identity and web design for a maritime cluster

Synergy of the sea

MarC is a non-profit organization, they were established by the Croatian government with the intention to gather the best entrepreneurs from the maritime industry and other maritime experts in order to establish a cluster. This way the sector’s competitiveness was strengthened at the national level.

We offered a few logos, but ultimately the one representing a ship with an arrow that symbolizes joining and growth was chosen.

The full package

Inspired by the might of the sea, the colors and typography were chosen to symbolize growth and synergy, but at the same time to feel calm and assuring. Considering that the newly formed cluster needed the whole identity, we mostly had freedom while designing. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. The resulting identity was well developed and a lot of thought was given to all of the needed aspects.

Among other things, we created the visual identity guidelines booklet to make sure the design will always be consistent. Defining the product well has reassured our clients in the amount of time we took to imagine, think through and ultimately create their product. Other than the primary colors, a secondary color palette was added, which can be used for accenting  important information.

Designing the web

In order to complete the cluster representation, they required a website which they could edit with necessary information and updated news. Because of that, the obvious choice was creating a custom wordpress theme. Following the formerly established rules, the web design was made as clean as possible, which is why it aged well. Despite being made in 2015. it still looks fresh and (sufficiently) new. Because it was a serious project, with serious clients, everything was done with the intention of giving clean, non distracted information, and we think we got the message through pretty well!