01 – A calendar freebie

Hello everyone!

We secretly worked hard to bring you a set of freebies! It brings us much joy to announce that we will count down to Christmas and share with you a design themed freebie every day.

The freebies will be design themed and considering that all three of us are participating, expect a various range of gifts. That also means that our styles will vary, so you can expect wallpapers, Christmas cards, UI kits, UX elements, maybe some infographics, icons galore, holiday patterns and much much more. The gifts will be color coded so you can know at a glance who made what 🙂

Stay tuned and remember to check our web every day for your new gift!

We would also like to keep these personal, so the general idea is to include a small quote about the creation process from the person who made that days freebie. The conversation in the office went something like this: “Do you have anything to say about this?” and the answer, worthy of the opening freebie was a simple “No.”

Even though his color for this event is green, Želimir is no Grinch, he creates beautiful illustrations and we have one for you today. A December calendar wallpaper, specially for you. So feel free to enjoy this snowy visage on your screen! Download the wallpaper using the download button on the side (or top if you are mobile).



We are looking forward to this project, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Happy holidays!