05 – A few candy icons

Day five has arrived and it brings us something sweet!

A set of Christmas candy icons in a sketch file! Considering Helena made this, it was only a matter of time when something sweet and delicious would happen. She wanted to emphasise something very important here: “Usually all of the candy icon sets are generalised, and I wanted to include two things that I hold very dear. The star shaped cookie is very important to me because it is a family tradition! My grandma made it, my parents make it and to me, that is what Christmas tastes like! The other one is stollen, or biskupski kruh in Croatia. A rich fruity bread, which now has an icon for itself!”

All of the icons are loosely packed, which means they are more than editable. If you want different colors, or backgrounds, feel free to change them. The pack also comes with a colorless version of the icons, so you can get creative!



Feel free to use them and let us know if you do.

As always, stay happy and do something nice for a random person today. Spread the joy and see you tomorrow!