06 – A 404 page

Day 6 is here, and things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But in case you get lost, Ivana brought us a few 404 page designs.

They come in threes, three variations of three designs, each one in their own style! That makes 9 (nine!) different 404’s for everyone to be happy.

Ivana had quite a lot to say about this project: “Designing 404 page, even for the most serious and boring projects is a special kind of fun for me. Maybe that’s because I’m usually lost… so that’s my method of finding a way out.
I’ve tried to amplify the fun by playing with the same idea and elements while exploring different (currently trendy) design styles and limiting myself to using only Emondo design branding colors. 🤫 I cheated a bit on one version…
Unfortunately, today’s my share day so no more time left to play. There is some serious work waiting to be done… Otherwise, I’d just keep going on this… but GAME OVER until next time!”

Here is a preview of one of the amazing designs, download the file to check them all out!



As always, spread the cheer and see you tomorrow!