12 – Chatbot design

Day 12 is somewhat of a followup on day nine!

Ivana loved her Creatures so much, she wanted to incorporate them into more projects and MixR was born!

We will just quote her 🙂 “After creating Creatures, I needed to make them alive in a project. And, what’s better to do with a Creature then start a convo? So, that’s how an idea for making my next freebie conversational chatbot UI came.

One of my usual toughest morning decisions is what music to listen to. So having s smart AI Creature chatbot creating a playlist by my mood and music taste after a quick chat would be a remarkable thing to have. And that’s how MixR was born!

But this freebie is not about MixR. That’s just a cool potential product idea to keep working on. It’s about simple, utterly editable chatbot UI to quick start any conversational interface project by only editing few Sketch symbols and styles.”
So here is a preview of the new chatbot design, download the file, enjoy it, and see you tomorrow!