14 – Login screen design

Day 14! The snow fell, just in time to make todays freebies shine even more.

We are bringing you two very different login screen designs, one is memphis inspired, and the other is limey and fresh! Helena had a bit to say, but not too much.

“I made it a challenge to be as efficient as possible with this one. I reused my assets from the last freebie, the UI kit to be very quick. Then I created the initial layout and tried to make the two designs as different as possible! It turned out pretty nicely, and the imaginary Cat company looks credible 😄 

To speed up the process even more, I downloaded the icon from flaticon and then styled it to my needs. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with this freebie because I managed to do what I imagined, and the gradients turned even better than I thought.”



Feel free to reuse this sketch file and play around with the designs to make them fit your needs!

Stay happy and enjoy the holiday season! See you tomorrow!