15 – Tiles symbol

Day fifteen is just around the corner, and we are cozying up this Saturday! What better way, then being lazy and giving you a freebie that can do multiple things at once?

Ivana is working her Sketch symbol magic again, and presenting us with a very versatile tile symbol. It can be whatever you wish for it to be, a news feature, a blog post, a photo gallery… you want it, you got it!

Her own explanation is: “It was a long working week… So not to go completely wild with playfulness, today’s freebie is a bit calmer and looks slightly more serious. It’s more about utility and efficiency again.
To cut somebodies workload in upcoming days I decided to create a useful Sketch symbol again – multi-purpose tile, which can be scaled and styled however you like. There are wireframe and mockup version, few styles and colors already prepared… so just download, adjust and use it… It’s that simple!”

Here is a preview of the pretty tiles, so feel free to lay out some creative masonry!