17 – Toasts and snacks

Considering it is that time of year when everyone is having office parties, we are giving you a toast and some snacks!

In a digital form of course. For day 17 we prepared a sketch freebie, with toast popups and snackbar alerts. They are made as symbols, with editable styles so all you have to do is change the text style and color and you are one step closer to finishing your project and continuing to party!

Helena said “I wanted to make something useful people usually have a tough time designing. It is nothing complicated, but because it is such a bore, it is always left for last. So for today, I prepared a set of easily editable but necessary toasts and snackbars! Just change the colors to your needed style, update it and enjoy your personalised errors, notifications and warnings.”



Download the sketch file and full preview to help you with your project. Stay happy, enjoy and see you tomorrow!