20 – Onboarding symbol

20 days passed already? We would never say, because time flies when you’re having fun!

For today, Helena decided to share another asset, inspired by Ivana and her “symbolception”, she created an onboarding symbol which allows you to easily create an onboarding flow. Lets see what she has to say!

“For today I wanted to create something using the coral color. And trust me, there is honestly no color I strongly dislike more than coral!

It was a challenge for me to make it work in a way that was okay with me, and worked well with other colors.

As for the freebie, I think it’s a really useful one. I used the illustrations from icon8s.com and looked for a style that matched my idea. The idea with this freebie is to have a speedy onboarding, you can change the styles of all of the assets (fonts and colors), apply them and it works great! As for the illustrations, you can also download them from icons8, switch the pictures in the symbol and seriously – you are done. 1 2 3 easy!”

Check out the preview of the pretty onboarding, and then download the more than useful freebie!




We only have a few days left, and tomorrow is ┼Żelimir’s last day. Stay tuned and hug someone (and your pet)!