21 – Background images

Day 21 brings us a bit of freestyle backgrounds. Today is Ivana’s turn after all (my bad, sorry about yesterdays announcement 🙂 )

She will explain it better herself!

Today’s freebie is an open exploration. It’s my way of getting into the holiday spirit. Playing with just dots, lines, triangles and Emondo design branding colors I’ve created a background that can be used on various projects.
Each color combination is an attempt to evoke a different feeling.
Choose one that suits you – monochromatic and somewhat serious; simple and calming analogous gradient or fun and somewhat jarring combination that’s going to stand out.
Or just open Illustrator file and start your own game!

A set of geometric backgrounds, using lines and triangles created with ethereal gradients. Check them out with the download button, and either pick one of the premades or get into Illustrator and create one for yourself!



This preview shows you just how crazy the backgrounds got, so give them a spin!

As always, stay happy and see you tomorrow!