23 – DIY gift tags

Day 23 is here! Time is running out and our fun is coming to an end 🙂

For her last day, Helena prepared a set of gift tags. She best explained it herself: “I made a set of mix and match gift tags in Illustrator, the idea is to have unique tags for gifts!

You can use my three step process to assemble your own, pick a background, pick a pattern and pick a tag orientation/style… And you are done! I used the famous emondo colors, but also included a few of the typical christmassy colors.

Nothing is stopping you to use my template to create your very own tags as well! I had so much fun with these freebies and I hope people found them useful 🙂 “

Check out the preview, and download the freebie.


Finish up the gift wrapping with this tag, and we will see you tomorrow for our last day! Stay happy!