Featured – Crveni nosovi

The client we would like to feature are CRVENI NOSOVI klaunovidoktori (the Red noses, clowndoctors). Their noble calling and mission is a difficult one, they work with sick and disabled people, bringing joy and hope where there is pain and difficulty. They primarily work with ill children, but they also have activities connected with the elderly and other people in need.

Communication is important. Getting your point across in a clear and precise matter can be very complicated. Communication trying to convey something difficult is even harder. Our work with Red noses consists of providing them adequate visual communication styles.

Working in bi-monthly campaigns and ranging from the direct mailing system to billboards, we collaborate and try to make each campaign special and personalised. Every campaign usually has a special element which can be a cute sticker, table calendar, notebook, pop up letter… generally something refreshing to shine a smile on the end clients face! We also covered a few of their projects which are education like, so they included diplomas, posters, roll-ups and tent decorations (they are clowns after all). Sometimes there are more serious elements like yearly reports, but we mutually managed to insert a bit of joy into boring, serious topics.

“You feel you have a support of a high-quality professionals when your business relationship is open, honest and with tons of understanding and service delivered in time. For us in RED NOSES to have a relationship and support in delivering services like this is crucial because we can act quickly and visually correctly, but the most important we can build our visual identity as an NGO and communicate with our public with respect to the values and the goals that we aspire to.” 
Nataša, RED NOSES Head of public relations

Our approach to the RED NOSES is… simply put, to give them our hearts. Every idea of theirs is considered carefully and brought to life in a few different ways, from which they choose which one suits them them best. Usually we try to communicate a lot, to make sure that we are in sync. Another very important point is keeping true to their tone of voice. All of the campaigns need to be consistent so we take extra care to have a similar style all the time.  We take a lot of pride in working this way, because as long as the RED NOSES are happy – that means that the people they actually work for, the sick children and the elderly will be happy as well.

“This was the love from the first sketch! Emondo team profoundly understands the RED NOSES mission, vulnerability and the strength of our hospital stories. Their approach is unique and always professional. It is very easy to communicate about everything and to find common solution for every project. We are so grateful to work with and to learn from such amazing team. Thank you!”
Jelena, RED NOSES Creative assistant

Collaborating with the RED NOSES gives us a lot of opportunities on creating something new. But what is more important, it fills our hearts with joy and love when they send us pictures or videos of how our designs were applied. Check out some of our designs on the project page here.

We would like to thank the RED NOSES for letting us help them bring joy and happiness! It truly is a privilege for us!