Dar Conference

Seeing your hard work come to realization is something everyone strives for. Seeing your work come to successful realization in a grand opening is an even better feat!

For the past month, we have been working hard trying to cover all of the necessary materials for a conference. The conference was for an NGO called Udruga Dar, that deals with gifted children. They organize it yearly, and we covered the past two years as well. This year, it grew in scale and became an even bigger deal with various sponsors and international sponsorships.

The conference was also connected to a whole week full of events and workshops for gifted children and anyone else interested. The scope of our work was spread through both the conference, and events of the week.

Our work included creating various “teaser” posters that would hang in schools or related institutions, creating a flyer for the NGO and a flyer with details about the conference. We branded the whole conference including the flags for the stage and branding the main speaker booth.

We also made the accreditations with the accompanying ties, the conference programme that was handed out with the accreditations and the logo wall for media interviews. To bring the whole event together, we created acknowledgments and diplomas that were handed to speakers and valued guests after the event.

The whole preparation part was hard and the deadlines were hectic, but seeing everything come together in person was an amazing feeling. We thoroughly enjoyed the conference and it was very special to us!

An even better anecdote was chatting randomly to one of the attendees who started saying how much he liked the whole visual of the conference and the NGO logo (which we created as well) and how well thought out it was.

That gave us a tiny boost of pride that we did something well.

Check out the promo video the organization shared! And scroll down to see how everything looked like!

See you next year conference, we hope to do even better then!