Orbico Shell conference

It is conference season for us! And this one was a very special and important one.

A long term client of ours, Orbico held a conference with Shell Lubricants, in the Antunovic Hotel. Considering we usually cover the graphic design needs for Orbico, we branded this conference as well.

The materials needed to be the usual – invitation and accreditations with the accompanying lanyards. We translated a few flyers and infographics to the Croatian language, as well as created the agenda, press wall, and a few other huge posters. A specific thing we also made was a simple form for any questions, but a bit more on this later 😉

Shell is a huge global company with many divisions. This conference was related to Shell hydraulic fluids for plastic injection moulding which is a part of Shell Lubricants. An amazing thing with Shell is that their materials and brand guidelines are very detailed. The guidelines are probably the best we have seen in the industry, incredibly in depth and covering many many use cases. The idea behind this is to have Shell represented in the same light – no matter where in the world.

The benefit of that is that we get to explore a lot and find that most of the things we need to create are already defined – so we need to adjust them to fit our market. Another benefit is that whatever is not defined, we can easily create a visual that fits the brand image because we already know how they “breathe”.


A thing we cherish and put a lot of work into is relationships with our clients. Usually, when we have worked with someone for a while, a special bond is created and we know what they want with very little input. This is especially applied to Orbico and their marketing specialist Ana Loncaric, with whom we work with. This time she decided to take things to the extreme and sent us a very fast sketch of something that needed to be done which we made into a form for questions completely branded like the rest of the conference.

This is what we received. 

And this is what we created!

It requires a lot of mutual trust, from us and from our client to produce this type of materials from the received input. We are tooting our own horn here a bit, but it took a lot of hard work to get into this state. Thank you, Ana, for trusting us so much ❤️

The conference was a success and we are pretty happy with how things turned out. This little before and after story will surely stick with us for a long time because it is a culmination of many things that led to what is a small personal victory. We cherish anecdotes like this!

A huge thanks to Orbico and Shell Lubricants for putting their trust in us, and we hope they enjoyed everything we made 😉