Our spin on… Colors

What a time to be alive, right? We just witnessed the world, as we know it, turn upside down. One day we woke up and our reality was not as it was before. Schools, shops, offices – everything was closed, and the future didn’t seem too bright. In the times of uncertainty, you face the “sink or swim” momentum – you either give up or you give your best.

The tireless Emondo design team, enforced with the help of Mihael and Antonija, decided it was time to make it count. We stepped up and started doing what we do best – we create amazing colorful things. The main plot was to find a project to keep our minds busy and well… to flex what we can do!

So here we are, bringing you something that we do, but with a different spin. A digital magazine on one of our favorite topics – Colors! Intended to be delightful and educational at the same time. This magazine is just that, a magazine with a carefully selected dose of interactivity – we can do more, but it would be illegal 😉

Jump in on the fun, and take a look at what we spun – here.



Color is the theme of the magazine, explained through our branding, and therefore the whole thing is bursting with our spinning tops! Thus, it is appropriately called “Our spin on…”

This one was made for us, so it breathes everything we are – fun, joyful, and a mountain of knowledge, all packed up with examples you can click through. We enjoyed making it, spinning various ideas, and collaborating. This project was meant to show off our skills, as well as give an overview of a very important topic – colors!

We love our community – and this is where you come in, to give us back some love. What do you think of our magazine? Is it good, is it educational enough? Is it too silly? (That is a trick question, it can never be too silly.) What topic would you like us to cover next? Let us know what you think and how we can improve! Hit that little contact button and send us an email with your thoughts. Or you can reach out on our social media accounts, we are omnipresent 🙂

Best wishes from the Emondo team