Digital magazines

This is an ongoing project which brings us joy every time we are working on it. We are working on three different magazines that have digital editions. Potato Business Digital and World Bakers Digital have quarterly editions, while Frozen Food digital is a bi-yearly edition.

Every edition of a magazine is approached anew, the design guidelines are consistent but everything else is customly created.

Since our client is amazing, we go to great lengths to ensure that every article is suitably animated. That usually means creating custom illustrations that follow the story of the article. Or “simply” animating existing images to enhance the stories.

Usually, the interactivity comes in the lines of buttons, revealing text hidden behind images and scrolling text where it usually wouldn’t fit. Being a digital – online edition, we have great freedom to greatly enhance the standard magazine editions.

If you think raining potatoes are fun, or that viewing a storyline of a bakery is interesting, have a look below and think about what magazine you need animated! You can also take a look at a live magazine here!

If you want to see a complete case study of this project, contact us!