Seventeen years

The Earth turned over once again, and here we are! A year older, a bit wiser and still as happy as ever.

It was a hectic year, which started slowly and is ending up with a bang. We did our Christmas freebies project, which turned out to be successful and left us with a sense of accomplishment. We branded conferences, we had posters and letters, we had a lot of campaigns and even a truck! We had websites and mobile apps, a lot of icons and even more color.

Ivana gave a few talks related to color, Helena talked about app testing on children with atypical development. ┼Żelimir valiantly held our fort and made sure that business runs as intended.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are bringing a gift to everyone – a set of free seventeen icons for our seventeen years!



The icons are something we figured out was useable, and they come in two different options – as line icons and as shaded icons so you can change them easily. The rest of the instructions is in the files.

Thanks to everyone who was with us this year, we appreciate every moment spent with our amazing clients and collaborators ❤️