Sketch in our neighbourhood

April 2017 wasn’t a rainy month, until the day we decided to visit Ljubljana for a Sketch meetup!

Earlier in the year, Marko Vuletič from Ljubljana contacted our CEO (and unicorn) Ivana Miličić, if she was interested in giving a speech in their Sketch meetup which he was organizing. Never one to turn down a new opportunity, Ivana accepted.

The day arrived and we were on our merry way! The trip there was fun and when we arrived, it started pouring. Of course we had limited umbrella resources so when we finally found the ABC Hub venue, we were pretty soaked.

The meetup itself was a fun experience. Before the actual talks, there were refreshments, as well as a raffle and some Sketch merchandise.  A lot of the mingling was done before, and we had an opportunity to meet the other speakers.

Among the speakers was Galya Iliev, the community manager at Sketch, so we chatted with her about bringing Sketch meetups back home with us. But more on that in a different post!

Ivana gave her talk on data driven design based on experiences she got while working for a USA based company. She talked how Sketch made her life easier, and how nesting symbols inside symbols inside symbols makes her repetitive work that could last for hours, a breeze! The main point of her talk was that good preparation eases the work that needs to be done later. Ivana highlighted how using some plugins for Sketch automatises a lot of the work. She also gave a few tips how to work faster that she learned through her own experience!

After Ivana, Galya from Sketch gave everyone an exclusive look into some Sketch features that were under development. Along with her husband Todor, she also talked about working remotely and how the Sketch team functions.

When everything was finished, it was time for our emondo team to go home. The rain continued, and we had a brief one hour wait at the Slovenian border. Considering ourselves happy we did not wait longer, we drove happily home into the sunset.

We didn’t really – it was midnight, but the sunset makes a better mental image to end with.

We would like to thank our Slovenian hosts for a rainy Sketch adventure! It was fun, informative, and it was nice to see so many different types of design enthusiasts in one place.