Sweet sixteen and a freebie!

When you think about work, not much time passes. But day after day of work – and here we are. Emondo design is turning sixteen!

Sixteen years of hard work, sixteen years of happy clients and long sixteen years of everyday learning and improvement. Most of those sixteen years Ivana spent alone collaborating with different experts and colleagues. For the past two years, she decided it was time to grow and so the team was expanded.

New people brought in fresh ideas and emondo design was rebranded to our beloved spin top and a whole new set of colors and other branding assets. Last year we launched this website and decided to be a bit more active on social media. But as it usually goes, we focused more on actual work then on how we presented ourselves.

Turning sixteen is a big deal, and since we are a big deal now – we decided it was time to refresh! Mostly keeping with the idea of the original branding, we are now launching a refreshed, contemporary website, with interactive animations, and fresh (beloved by some) gradients. We want everyone that joins our world to feel our energy, check out what we do and decide that we are the perfect match for their new project.

As it usually goes on birthday occasions, there are gifts! But this time, the gift is a freebie for you! Considering our birthday happens to be at the spookiest time of the year, we are giving you a set of halloween themed illustrations, in both AI and an open PDF format, free to use in any personal or commercial project! Download the illustrations using the download button on the left side.

Check out bellow what awaits you in our scary package!



If you do happen to use the illustrations somewhere, share what you created and tag us on social media so we can be happy too!

To keep things short, we hope that our next year will be as amazing as this one. Also, a huge thank you is in order to all of our clients and friends for giving us the opportunity to grow with them!

Best regards from the birthday company 🙂