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Orbico Shell conference

It is conference season for us! And this one was a very special and important one. A long term client of ours, Orbico held a conference with Shell Lubricants, in the Antunovic Hotel. Considering we usually



Dar Conference

Seeing your hard work come to realization is something everyone strives for. Seeing your work come to successful realization in a grand opening is an even better feat! For the past month, we have been working



Featured – Crveni nosovi

The client we would like to feature are CRVENI NOSOVI klaunovidoktori (the Red noses, clowndoctors). Their noble calling and mission is a difficult one, they work with sick and disabled people, bringing joy and hope




In a nutshell, a brand is the way in which your customer perceives you.

Branding is not just a logo or your colors, it is how you talk in social media as well. Branding is the face and personality of your company. While creating a strong brand, consistency is key. You should always use the same style of speaking, and use your (soon to be) well known imagery.
Putting effort in branding attracts customers and gives them reason to trust you and your brand.