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Seventeen years

The Earth turned over once again, and here we are! A year older, a bit wiser and still as happy as ever. It was a hectic year, which started slowly and is ending up with a



24 – Fireworks!

Today is the grand finale, finally the 24th! Ivana is closing our gift giving project, as it should be... and she is doing it with a bang! Enjoy the fireworks folks, Ivana is sharing an animated



23 – DIY gift tags

Day 23 is here! Time is running out and our fun is coming to an end :) For her last day, Helena prepared a set of gift tags. She best explained it herself: "I made a



22 – Snowglobes!

It is day 22, our Santa hats are on and we are getting into the celebration spirit big time! Today is Želimir's last day, and he prepared for us in his very familiar style - a



21 – Background images

Day 21 brings us a bit of freestyle backgrounds. Today is Ivana's turn after all (my bad, sorry about yesterdays announcement :) ) She will explain it better herself! Today’s freebie is an open exploration. It’s



19 – Christmas wreaths

Day 19 brings us far too close to Christmas! And for today, Želimir is helping you wrap up your designs with a set of Illustrator Christmas wreath brushes. Use them as borders, use them as design



18 – Dashboard design

Day 18 and we are trying to help out as much as we can! Gift buying left and right, we hope you will find some time to put down some statistics. And when you do, you



17 – Toasts and snacks

Considering it is that time of year when everyone is having office parties, we are giving you a toast and some snacks! In a digital form of course. For day 17 we prepared a sketch freebie,



16 – Christmas Illustrations

Day 16 is here and we have already passed the half way mark. Things are slowing down from some hectic workload peak, and Želimir decided to grace us with a set of calm, holiday themed vector



15 – Tiles symbol

Day fifteen is just around the corner, and we are cozying up this Saturday! What better way, then being lazy and giving you a freebie that can do multiple things at once? Ivana is working her



14 – Login screen design

Day 14! The snow fell, just in time to make todays freebies shine even more. We are bringing you two very different login screen designs, one is memphis inspired, and the other is limey and fresh!



13 – Postcards!

Day 13 brings us mail! Or postcards... or just holiday cards! Send your holiday spirit to loved ones using the cards Želimir meticulously made in his recognisable style. As for his personal quote, as always with



12 – Chatbot design

Day 12 is somewhat of a followup on day nine! Ivana loved her Creatures so much, she wanted to incorporate them into more projects and MixR was born! We will just quote her :) "After creating



11 – Mini UI kit

Day 11, coincidentally, Helena's favorite number fell uppon her to bring us a gift! So, in the spirit of giving useful items, here is a small UI kit, consisting of buttons, input fields, radios and checkboxes.



10 – An icon set

Day 10 brings us warmth in this cold weather! So come, warm your frozen feet by the fire and enjoy these lovely, heartwarming icons! For today's freebie Želimir said "I wanted to make something winter themed,



09 – Creatures!

Day nine comes with something a bit more complicated. More in the "Nightmare before Christmas" tone of voice, Ivana brings us something amazing! A sketch symbol which makes various creatures. In her own words: "For #SundayFunday



08 – Greetings card

Welcome to our eighth day! Eighth is not an easy word to pronounce when you think about it :) But what is easy, is wishing everyone happy holidays! To make it even easier, today we are



07 – More wallpapers!

Day seven is here, and we have you covered even if you are not a Christmas person! Today's freebies are a set of three wallpapers, minimalistic, contemporary and purely winter themed. No joy, no happiness, no



06 – A 404 page

Day 6 is here, and things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But in case you get lost, Ivana brought us a few 404 page designs. They come in threes, three variations of three



05 – A few candy icons

Day five has arrived and it brings us something sweet! A set of Christmas candy icons in a sketch file! Considering Helena made this, it was only a matter of time when something sweet and delicious



04 – A set of Christmas patterns

Hello everyone! Day four is here, and so is a set full of delightful Christmas patterns for illustrator. Made with love, free for you to use, so pack a gift and think of us! The personal



03 – A table template

Day three brings us an efficient masterpiece! This freebie is a fully editable simple to use table template. Considering Ivana made this, you can expect it to be extremely useful. In her own words: "My laziness



02 – A newsletter template

Day two of our gift giving season brings us you a newsletter template! The idea behind this one was to create a design that is fresh, new and free for everyone to use. This sketch file



01 – A calendar freebie

Hello everyone! We secretly worked hard to bring you a set of freebies! It brings us much joy to announce that we will count down to Christmas and share with you a design themed freebie every



Sweet sixteen and a freebie!

When you think about work, not much time passes. But day after day of work - and here we are. Emondo design is turning sixteen! Sixteen years of hard work, sixteen years of happy clients and